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Graphic design that fulfills the brief and leads to happy customers is what it's all about. Friendly and informal, pretentious designer waffle has no place here.


Enjoy looking around and say hello if you'd like to chat about working together.



brand, collateral, print, web

short rule

Supplying Road Surfacing Works and Civil Engineering Services to the South East Region, O'Rourke's needed some ideas to freshen up their logo, printed collateral and website.


But when pitching against some heavy hitters in the design world, there's always the chance you'll get bruised sometimes. Hey but being a runner up ain't so bad.


And there's always next time.

O'Rourke rev logo2
O'Rourke rev logo
o'rourke stat
o'rourke van
o'rourke web
o'rourke web2
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